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Language expresses our feelings.

 Emotions control our thinking and our actions.

 Creativity creates space for innovative ideas, solutions, intuitions.

  If we use these three components consciously, combined

 and skilfully - we can shape our communication effectively.

SKEI is a learning place for people who want to develop 

their linguistic and communicative skills.

We are convinced: feelings are crucial for the learning process!

That is why our focus is on strengthening the emotional

intelligence and on developing creativity in language learning.

Emotional intelligence allows you to understand your own and other

people`s feelings as well as human relationships and to be able to act accordingly.

Everyone is creative!

The development of creative abilities activates your

cognitive processes and connects them to your feelings.

This makes learning more effective, more sustainable, more exciting.

Your language barriers will be overcome.

Your communication and self-confidence will become stronger!

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SKEI Certificates



telc examination center


Recognized institution  

of employee training

according to §10 of the awbg  nRW

SkEI team 

A language school is brought to life by its teachers. At SKEI Our passionate teaching team comes from different backgrounds and has extensive experience teaching adults from around the world. They are warm, open-minded, and fun, and looking forward to knowing you soon.
Click here to know more about them ;)

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