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You have already learned a lot... But there is always something new... Your house already has walls and a roof, but still no foundation? Then you should take a bridge course!

The B1+ course facilitates your progression to the next level. The most important topics are refreshed and practiced. Learning strategies are the focus and are worked on thoroughly and individually.

Let us clear your head and build a bridge to the next learning level!

As the term "bridge courses" suggests, these courses bridge the gap between two CEFR levels (e.g. between B1 and B2). In these courses, you can refresh your knowledge and repeat important topics to be fit for the next CEFR level. This is not only suitable for students who have had a long break from learning, but also for students who want to repeat and practice certain topics.

Example: You completed B1 a long time ago and want to continue with B2, but the break was too long? The bridge course prepares you perfectly for the start of B2! Or have you finished B1 but would like to repeat a few things and become more confident before continuing with B2? The bridge course is also perfect for you.


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