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"Thought does not always mean said, said does not always mean correctly heard, heard does not always mean correctly understood ..." Konrad Lorenz

​What we hear and how we speak have to do with our feelings. In this course, you will learn various techniques of concentration and active listening. With exciting audio exercises and videos, you´ll get used to the German pronunciation and melody.  Situations from your everyday and professional life, personal memories, experiences, and plans for the future will be discussed.


The only rule in this course is "Open up and speak!" You can speak even with little vocabulary, mistakes are completely normal! 

German courses for beginners

Our German courses for beginners at levels A1 and A2 are offered in two different models. At SKEI you can choose between regular courses and compact courses, whereby these two variants differ in particular in their learning speed.

Our regular German courses for beginners cover half CEFR levels so that you complete half a level in one course (e.g. first A1.1, then A1.2, etc.). The learning speed in these courses is relatively high but still relaxed. Here we place a special focus on oral communication so that you can quickly and confidently find your way around in everyday German.

German courses for advanced learners

As language acquisition progresses, the amount of learning also increases. That is why SKEI has developed the model of bridge courses for advanced learners in addition to the regular courses.

At the advanced level, you can take regular courses at SKEI from level B1 onwards in half levels (first B1.1, then B1.2, etc.). Also in the regular advanced courses, we put a lot of emphasis on communication, conversation, and discussion, so that you can put your newly acquired knowledge directly into practice.

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