"Thought does not always mean said, said does not always mean correctly heard, heard does not always mean correctly understood ..." Konrad Lorenz

Hearing is not the same as listening and understanding. Concentration, effort and, above all, interest and emotional connection to what is heard play a major role here. What we hear and how we speak have to do with our feelings.

In this course you will learn various techniques of concentration and active listening. With exciting audio books, current audio articles and videos you get used to the German pronunciation and melody.

Step by step you start speaking and leading the conversation. Situations from your everyday and professional life, personal memories, experiences and plans for the future are made a topic.

The only rule here is "Speak your language!" You can speak even with little vocabulary, mistakes are completely normal.

Together we will be creative, mobile and open. In the course we receive "guests", design projects, and make excursions. You can use your language skills practically - "in real life" and learn to present yourself better.