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ProfessionaL Advanced education

Would you like to increase your professional opportunities and take part in one of our further training measures?

The costs for our continuing education programmes can be covered by the responsible employment agency or job centre through the so-called "education voucher" (Bildungsgutschein, BGS).


Who can obtain the education voucher?

Both unemployed and employed persons can obtain an education voucher. The important thing is that the further education is necessary.

This is the case, for example, if you can end your unemployment by taking part in the continuing education measure, if you can avoid the threat of unemployment as an employed person, or if you can catch up on your vocational qualification.


What additional costs can be covered?

Expenses for learning materials and travel costs or childcare can also be financed. If your courses take place at another location, you can get reimbursed for accommodation and meals with a corresponding education voucher.


How can I apply for an education voucher?

Contact your adviser at the employment agency or job centre. They will check whether the measure will help you professionally and whether the conditions of the BGS are met.

Please note: The education voucher is a "discretionary benefit". In this case, you have no legal claim to it and your contact person at the employment agency/job centre can decide individually whether the voucher is granted or not.  For this reason, we recommend that you inform yourself thoroughly about the respective further education measure with us in order to be able to convince your employment agency/job centre of the necessity of your participation with convincing arguments.


Have you already received an education voucher?

Contact us by email and send us your education voucher as a scan file. As soon as we have checked the requirements on your voucher, we will arrange a personal counselling interview with you.


What happens when we meet at our continuing education centre?

We will advise you in detail in a personal meeting, answer all your questions about the measure and conduct a short aptitude test. This is done orally and helps us to assess your individual requirements and needs so that we can take them into account during the measure.


What documents are needed?

During the counselling interview, we will conclude a participant contract with you, fill out your education voucher and send these documents to the relevant employment agency/job centre. 


Now you can take part in the training programme!

We will provide you with the teaching materials on the first day of class. At the end of the measure, you will receive a certificate of successful participation in the qualification.

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