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education Voucher


What and who receives funding?

The Bildungsscheck NRW (education cheque) is used to promote the continuing vocational education and training of employed, self-employed persons and persons returning to work (individual education cheque for individuals) with funds from the European Social Fund (ESF). There is also the possibility of funding for employees in small and medium-sized enterprises (company education cheque for companies).

The funding covers 50% of the CET costs (maximum 500 euros per education cheque). In the case of self-employed persons and companies, the subsidy is calculated on the net amount of the CET measure (without VAT), for other persons including VAT.

Your expenses for travel and accommodation cannot be covered.


What are the requirements for the individual education cheque?

Your place of residence must be in NRW.

You must work at least 15 hours per week or be on parental or care leave.

Your taxable annual income (net income) must be more than 20,000 euros and no more than 40,000 euros.

In the case of joint taxation (married couple), the income can be more than 40,000 euros but not more than 80,000 euros.

The planned further education is related to your current or future occupation.

You can only claim one education cheque within one calendar year (the issue date of the last education cheque counts).


Where is the education cheque issued and what is the further procedure?

The education cheque is issued by accredited education cheque counselling centres in a personal counselling interview. You must present proof of income at the time.

Find a counseling center here: Counseling center search

and contact them by phone.

Afterwards, you can submit the education cheque to us.
We will apply for funding for you at the Düsseldorf district government.


We will send you an invoice for the remaining costs (personal contribution). Once we have received your payment, you can take part in the course you have chosen.

Under what conditions can you receive the company training cheque (for companies)?

The company must be located in NRW.

The company must have fewer than 250 employees (full-time).

In one calendar year, a company can receive up to ten education vouchers for its employees (max. one education voucher per employee).
In the case of the company education cheque, the employer must submit the cheque to us. The personal contribution for the further education of the employees is also to be paid by the respective company.

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