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EQ and communication training

How do you manage to communicate clearly, effectively and efficiently in a new language that you  not mastered yet? In a new environment where people use different types of communication, sometimes more and sometimes less emotional? How do you manage to work, live or develop a relationship in this new environment?
In this training you will learn  you together with  the other participants and trainers

To make your communication effective, in which you in addition to  using linguistic means such as those of emotional intelligence. You reflect on your everyday situations in order to be able to determine more precisely whether you understand others well or not  You are correctly understood by others.
You learn to consciously perceive your feelings and reactions,  to interpret correctly and  express. that helps you  your own needs,  Express your desires and expectations of others more clearly. Your empathy will be sharpened so that you can help others  Understand people better and accordingly judge their actions and reactions appropriately.

Emotional intelligence, as discussed and promoted in this training course, is primarily to be understood as a professional attitude. It can give you new perspectives and opportunities  offer personal development and stress management in your everyday work, as well as increase your leadership skills.   

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