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Specialised communication

for medical care professions

Hospitals and elderly care facilities in Germany are increasingly dependent on skilled employees from abroad. If, on the one hand, we want to benefit from the qualifications of these people, we must, on the other hand, also provide them language assistance and support. Our qualification is aimed at people whose mother tongue is not German and who work or would like to work in the health sector or in nursing. 

With this qualification, we help you to overcome your language barriers and to develop your communicative and social skills in accordance with your personal and professional goals. 



Participation requirement:  

German language skills at least at level A2

according to the Common European

Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)


Target level of the COURSE:




Course duration:


12 weeks, 240 hours of instruction

Classes are part-time 4 times a week

Financial support:


The costs for the course can be covered by the employment agency or the job center with an education voucher.

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