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Learn German & join SKEI-Center in Düsseldorf

Welcome to the SKEI language school in Düsseldorf!

SKEI-Center is a language school where you can develop linguistic and communicative skills through emotional intelligence and creativity. The main focus is on communicative skills and linking them to emotional experiences.

You will be able to develop a long-term linguistic memory straightforward, making your learning experience more effective, sustainable, and exciting.

Exclusive for our participants, we offer networking and socializing through free events & meet-ups.

Discover the sights of Düsseldorf with us!


We offer:

  • German courses at all "CEFR"- (The Common European Framework of Reference for languages) levels from A1 to C2.

  • An exam preparation, exam simulation & professional language training.

  • Courses can alternatively be booked as onsite, online or hybrid courses.

  • A hybrid course is a combination of face-to-face and online classes. That means that you have an option, if necessary, to attend online face-to-face classes.


Our unique value propositions:

  • Hybrid format for working professionals

  • Focus on interaction, fluent speaking & creative learning.

  • Unique learning concept based on emotional intelligence, networking-socializing of course  participants through meet-ups & events.


Benefits for you:

  • Learning German effective in small groups, allows students to have more focus on communication skills.

  • Shorter & flexible courses for ex-pats-working professionals

  • Money-Back guarantee within 7. days after the course started.

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Certified Vendor

of employment promotion

according to AZAV



telc examination center


Recognized establishment  

of employee training

according to §10 of the awbg  nRW


I'm currently doing B2.1 with SKEI,I highly recommend them  language courses they're very thorough and the teacher is very nice,and they make every student feel involved. 



I've been learning German for two years now and SKEI was the best school I've ever attended. Classes provide high student participation, which helps us to develop speaking skills.



This is an amazing place to learn German. Teacher was very friendly and helpful.

I highly recommend this institute for German courses



A good location of classroom easy to reach, nice teacher with highly passion. Really recommend ;)



SKEI Center

       +49 (0) 15228869788

         Mon & Wed, 10 am-12 pm

Contact person:  Ekaterina Rauzin

Get information about SKEI German courses direct!


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