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one-on-one Classes

Individual coaching at SKEI offers you maximum flexibility and individual support in terms of learning content, learning speed and lesson times. Your coach will design the curriculum and lessons according to your needs so that you learn effectively and reach your German language goals quickly.

In individual coaching, we can offer you complete German courses in the CEFR levels (A1-C2), but also short training sessions tailored to your wishes. Do you want to repeat certain contents or grammar topics or do you need to train one of the four basic skills? Do you need exam preparation at your own pace and at your own time? Or do you simply feel more comfortable in individual coaching and want to learn German this way?

In any of these cases, individual coaching at SKEI is the ideal way for you: the training times, duration and content are individually tailored to your wishes and goals. You receive individual support from one of our highly qualified and friendly teachers and can concentrate fully on your progress in German. You can decide for yourself whether your training should take place online or on-site at our classrooms in Düsseldorf.

€ 40,- per lesson unit (45min.)
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