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Maximum flexibility with SKEI hybrid courses

Why make an absolute choice between face-to-face and online courses, if you can choose anew before every session? There are many reasons why coming to a class is simply impossible sometimes – feeling ill, being stuck at work, facing a strike in the public transport or stricter COVID-19 measures.

This is why we developed the concept of hybrid courses which provides a maximum flexibility for our students and gives them the choice to come to our classroom or to join the same session from their electronic device. Our hybrid courses also keep the communication between the students in class and the ones on screen, so that they all can interact in an easy way. Of course it is possible to take our classes fully from home. We also had students who started face to face, but then moved to another place and could still finish the course by joining online.

Many different constellations are possible: That's why not only during difficult times like the COVID-19 crisis, but also as a thought about the future this concept is our way to adapt to fast changes and unexpected situations. The flexibility allows us to provide German classes consistently and connect people during Corona times and beyond that.

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