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New course concept - German Jam Session

An innovative course concept with focus on free speaking - the German Jam Session

Many language learners face this particular difficulty one day: Reading and writing in the foreign language already works out well, grammar, too, but free speaking still remains a big challenge. Therefore SKEI created the flexible course "German Jam Session" that focuses on free speaking, discussions and communication in general.

Why "Jam Session"?

We know the term "jam session" from the music sector - people get together in order to "jam", or improvise with their music instruments. And that's what this course is about, reffering to language instead of music. We speak German without following a strict plan or book and build up the communication based on the participants' individual interests.

Flexibility in the topics

Everyday life, politics, science - the participants define the talks and discussions and broaden their vocabulary automatically, as well as their grammar. One of the key features is the flexibility of the teachers when it comes to the preparation of the sessions.

Positive connection to German language

One important goal of the course is to take away the fear of talking. And when the German language becomes connected with personal interests and joyful moments in class, language barriers are removed more and more and the students memorize the learning process as a positive experience - which again makes them continue their further studies with joy and a positive attitude.

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