SKEI: Center for Language, Creativity and Emotional Intelligence

Communicate feelings - not words


We want to strengthen what is human in people by nurturing people's emotional, linguistic and creative potential. We want to encourage people in their everyday life, let people create inventively, let people find their way to one another.



We develop your strengths and expand your possible actions. Thereby current concepts such as emotional intelligence according to Daniel Goleman and systemic thinking play an important role.

The questions WHY? and HOW? you want to learn as our customer is much more interesting for us than the questions about WHAT? and HOW MUCH? should be learned. This means that we adapt our courses exactly to your needs, goals and individual learning requirements.

At SKEI we see our central task in developing and strengthening your emotional and social skills. We increase your motivation, create a direct connection between the learning process and real life and thus support your authentic self-optimization.

Another focus of our training is aesthetic education, which combines, activates and promotes cognitive and emotional processes.

At SKEI, awareness of diversity and disagreement, empathy and appreciation, cooperation and trust characterize the cooperation of all those involved. Own uncertainties and tensions should and may always be expressed.



…are people who want to expand their linguistic expression, want to learn to communicate effectively and successfully, want to discover their creativity and live it out.

 … People who are always on the lookout for new ideas and challenges, for recognition, for protection and security, for like-minded people and for opportunities for self-awareness.



We act as coaches. We are companions, consultants, active listeners and confidants. TOGETHER with you, we decide on individual learning content and use it in our training sessions  personally tailored to you.

We are always open to changes and dynamics that we want to implement together. In addition to the expertise in the respective subject, we provide life experience and human knowledge that we bring in the relationship work.

We are enthusiastic artists and educators and understand our work at SKEI as a calling:

We find personal fulfillment in our own subject and draw inspiration from it for our training courses.

Our workforce is as colorful and diverse as our society. That is why we can deal with discrimination and social imbalances with sensitivity. We act in a reflective, responsible and solution-oriented manner.

We at SKEI see ourselves as cooperation partners who represent the same values, support each other, express constructive criticism and make suggestions for solutions. Professional ethical principles form the most important basis of our work. We maintain an appreciative contact with each other. 


We are in a constant learning process. Our program is therefore subject to continuous improvement. New content and activities are constantly integrated into the lesson plan. Current guidelines, new findings, your expectations and suggestions and those of our network partners are our guidelines.

We experiment, search and test new concepts. A catalog of didactic approaches is developed, constantly reviewed and updated, from which other educational institutions can also benefit.