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How you can help

1.   You should observe the regulations that will be sent to you by email before the course begins.


​2.   Contact us by phone, e-mail or come by during our office hours so that we are prepared for personal contact with you in advance and spontaneous encounters can be avoided.​

3.   Keep your distance and put on your face mask as soon as you leave your seat and move in and out of the classroom.


​4.   Avoid body contact, do not shake hands in greeting and hand over the materials by placing them on the table or other surfaces.


​5.   Wash your hands regularly, especially before entering the classroom. Four customer toilets are available on our floor. Thoroughly disinfect your hands when entering and leaving the rooms.

6.   Enter the rooms individually and please do not come too early before class so that there are no queues in the corridors and in the waiting area.

​7.   Always take the same seat in the respective classroom, please do not exchange chairs or objects with other people.

8.   Please bring your own drinks and, if possible, no food, leave your seat tidy and clean to make it easier for the teachers to clean and disinfect the workstations after class.

​​9.   In the case of symptoms of illness, participation in face-to-face classes is prohibited. In this case you can simply apologize by phone or email or, in the case of minor complaints, take part online as normal without missing the class. In any case, you should inform the course management in good time about the desired online participation, because it is necessary for organizational reasons.

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