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How we try to protect you

1.    We put up notices in the entrance areas of our rooms with notices and recommendations as to which basic rules must be observed in the rooms.

2.    We provide disinfectant dispensers. These are mounted on the walls in the entrance area and can always be used when entering the rooms.

3.    We regularly clean and disinfect the surfaces in the training rooms (tables, chairs, door handles) and ensure that the rooms are ventilated; every 15 minutes during class and for at least 15 minutes before and after class.

4.    We put partition walls on the tables in order to better protect the attendants and to enable face-to-face attendance, as well as communicative and interactive exercises in our classrooms.

5.    Visors / protective screens will be made available to the participants in the rooms where no partition walls are installed on the tables. These are suitable for multiple use and should always be brought to class.

6.    The tables in the classrooms are numbered, each participant is assigned a seat and recorded accordingly on the attendance lists to ensure traceability.

7.    Our employees wear face masks as soon as they leave their workplaces and have to accompany participants in class from close by, hand over or collect the teaching material, check the written assignments, etc.

8.    We can design all planned courses, training courses and face-to-face events online as well. The rooms are appropriately equipped so that every single person who uses the offer can decide, if necessary and depending on the current situation, whether they come to the classroom or participate remotely / online.

9.    All group offers are offered as "hybrid courses". This means that some of the students are taught in the classroom and the other part of the participants is present online at the same time. Should it be necessary in the future to increase the distances in the classrooms even further, this is guaranteed by the alternating participation of even smaller groups of people in the rooms and combined online (in hybrid mode).

10.  The maximum number of people in the face-to-face events is eight. From a pedagogical and didactic point of view, we have always focused on small group lessons. Currently, this concept allows us to additionally protect our participants better, to observe the distances and to get a grip on the traffic in our rooms as well as outside these rooms.

11.   Our employees are trained and informed about new regulations at team meetings in order to ensure compliance with regulations and hygiene measures.

12.   A “training evaluation” feedback sheet is used to evaluate whether our students are convinced of our hygiene plan or whether certain changes need to be made and improvements implemented.

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