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Certificate course German B1-B2

for professional communication

Since February 2020 we offer the certificate course "German B1-B2 for professional communication".

FOCUS and goals

Participants acquire the necessary language skills and learning techniques that are helpful for their further learning process.

They discover their own resources and your creativity and acquire the necessary knowledge on how to use them successfully to achieving their professional goals and in their everyday work life.

They train their emotional and social competence and learn how to communicate effectively, self-confidently and solution-oriented.  

Individual learning diagnostics as well as needs-based, flexible and interactive course content ensure precise adaptation to the learners' individual learning requirements as well as their personal motives and expectations. 

Participation requirement:  

German language skills

at least at level A2

according to the Common European

Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Course duration:


6 weeks, 95 lessons

Classes are part-time 3 times a week



Funding through the activation and placement voucher of the employment agency/job centre is possible under certain conditions when participating in the certificate course.

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