Certificate course German B1-B2 for Business Communication

From February 2020 we will offer the certificate course "German B1-B2 for Business Communication".
The aim of the course is to reduce the language barriers of the participants, to increase and develop communicative, creative and social skills in accordance with personal and professional goals.
Participants acquire the necessary language skills and learning techniques that are helpful and effective during the course and for their further learning process.
They discover their own resources and their creativity and acquire the necessary knowledge about how they can be used successfully to achieve their professional goals and in their everyday work.
They train their emotional and social skills and learn how to make their communication effective, confident and solution-oriented.
The individual learning diagnostics and the needs-based, flexible and interactively designed course content ensure precise adaptation to the individual learning requirements and potentials as well as to the personal goals, motives and expectations of the learners. The focus is on their self-awareness, learning objectives, the development of their own learning strategies (“independent learning”) and motivation.


Funding through the activation and placement voucher of the Employment Agency / Job Center is possible under certain conditions when participating in the certificate course.

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